There was once a member Hyperdunks 2015, the wealthy, the elderly have a son, named Campbell. If husband and wife love apple, spoiled. H looks glowing, grow strong, and it is all brawn and no brains, eat do not know to put a bowl of fools. Hyperdunk 2016 live clothing to hand out food to mouth life, Hyperdunks 2016 never touched a brain to the problem, work. Seeing twenty, still no mention pro. Members outside the couple is very worried, think that if they died later by whom? The only way is to find a clever Hyperdunk 2015 as soon as possible to managing the money, children, continuation of incense, inherit the family business.
Von member external local issue, then, the matchmaker for Hyperdunks 2015 to find a good daughter, heavily reward, Shangyin 800. So, I come to propose marriage matchmaker Hyperdunk 2016 endless stream. Where there is a matchmaker to them enlisted a surname farmhouse, three daughters, Hyperdunks 2016 has been married two women, Hyperdunk 2015 is a Yaomei house, looking for a wealthy family.
Zhang Yaomei, smart and capable, grow flowers. After Feng members outside understand very satisfied, go prepare gift called matchmaker to propose marriage. Yao Mei's parents heard Campbell wanderers silly, does not agree to open early, Yaomei not want to go. Matchmaker to repeatedly door, a gift also continue to overweight, Yao Mei's parents tempted substances, Hyperdunk 2016 agreed. Then Hyperdunk 2015 fit the character, engaged.
Hyperdunks 2015 outside seize the opportunity to choose the auspicious Auspicious, prepared a rich bride, married Zhang Yaomei, Campbell and Hyperdunks 2016 became a successful pro.